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Lino Printing or Lino Cutting as it is also known is a block printing technique.  Lino printing is quite a simple process and as a result is it widely used in schools.  It is a great way to introduce children to the art of printmaking.

  • Derivan Lino Block Ink 250ml-Black
  • Art Culture Rubber Brayer 4in
  • Lino Tile Small 15x15cm
  • Eraldo Field Pad 225gsm A4 25 shts
  • Staedtler Traditional Lead Pencil HB
Step 1 Image Step 1:

Draw design onto lino tile. Using lino tools, carve out design.

Step 2 Image Step 2:

Pour out Block Ink onto a flat surface (ie. plastic or glass) Using a rubber brayer, roll over ink and then evenly cover onto tile. Pick up lino tile, turn over carefully and press ink side down onto thick paper (water color or canvas pad paper works well). Slowly lift off lino from paper.

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