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Creating Silk Paper
Silk the most lustrous of all natural fibres, has always been surrounded by an aura of glamour. silk 'paper' (I use quotes because this is not a true sheet of laid paper) captures this intense lustre and is easily incorporated into the artist's work....More
Fair Isle Knitting
Fair Isle knitting is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours....More
Knitting Accessories
If you are new to knitting, you will come across a bewildering array of knitting accessories for you to choose from. Would you like to know from an experienced knitter, which ones are worth buying?...More
How to Hold Knitting Needles
The first step in learning how to knit is learning the correct method of how to hold knitting needles....More
Crocheting a Blanket
Step by step process for crocheting a blanket...from the supplies to the final stitch....More
Correcting Knitting Errors
The solution to correcting knitting errors....More
Art of Crochet
The Beginning of Crochet & some other supplies aside from the yarn that are needed to create a particular crochet product....More
Loom Knitting is it Right for You?
Loom knitting is simple to learn and the knitting looms are simple to use. Those who have given up crochet and needle knitting owing to arthritis, wrist bone tunnel syndrome or other such complaints can enjoy loom knitting instead. It does not call for use of needles and is quite user friendly....More
Getting Started With Crocheting and Knitting
Tips on avoiding stress when beginning Crocheting and Knitting....More

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